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Dec 29, 2012 5:00am EST
está anorexica. katrina deja eso. tienen que aceptar sus limitaciones físicas, no todos nacemos para ser bailarines. no lo fuerces o te lastimaras la rodilla. no lo fuerzo es natural. (raine) y prepárense para una vida de trabajo duro, sacrificio y muy a menudo desilución. [quejido] ¡auh,auh,auh! ¡no se amontonen! ¡no se amontonen! ¿dónde te duele? ¡tendón de aquiles! [quejido] ¡auh,auh,auh! si se lo rompió está fuera. [quejido] ¡auh,auh,auh! [llorando] ¡snif,snif,snif! desde el principio, gracias señorita rane. gracias. [a dúo] gracias, señorita rane. señorita rane hola... soy la numero 45, tara webster. ¿cree que georgia estará bien? mejor preocúpate por tu propio futuro. sí ¿mmm...? no sé que me está pasando esta semana. deben... ser los nervios, no suelo ser tan mala webster ¿no es asi? ¡ujum! ¿tienes 15 años? tu técnica parece la de una niña de 12 años. físicamente tienes potencial y supongo que por eso estás aquí, pero muchas chicas lo tienen no creo que estés lista. ♪ o.k tú ven conmigo ¿qué? ¿a dónde? ah, los de tercero están hacien
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Dec 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
really helpedded them out, and the money post-katrina that never helped anyone out in louisiana. that's why the republican idaho republicanments to do it right. it's not a crazy con -- concept, but you are taking heat for sounding heartless. how do you answer? >> it was devastating to families, businesses in the atlantic northeast, and the is emergency funding that needs to get done, done as quickly as we can do it, but there's a lot of requests in this $60 billion that the president requested, and thate have not vetted yet. we need to scrub to make sure it's targeted, it's doing the job we expect it to do, and some is more long term, and i suspect what you're going to see is an emergency package that addresses needs we know are there, and then, probably, later on, one the chance -- we had the chance to vet and see if it needs emergency funding or the appropriations process. neil: you know it better than i do, congressman, and i cmmend you. a lot of people jump ugly on you and you are the scrouge at christmas. we are just making sure you don't pour good money after bad, and our
Dec 14, 2012 1:00am PST
probably the worst hurricanes in the gulf coast in the last 40 years: ivan, dennis, katrina. and katrina i was the commander of the medical forces in pensacola, florida, and i owned the branch clinics that existed in new orleans, pascagula and gulf port, mississippi. we thought we had dodged the bullet and then the levies broke and who would have predicted that there was a sea of humanity in the super dome that basically was in extreme miss? who would have predicted in this day and age we would lose many, many people based on the fact they couldn't be medevacked, that the hospitals themselves had been flooded and the hospital staff was having to carry critically ill patients up to the top floors to avoid the water that was filling in the rooms. who would have predicted that? and were we set up to handle that? and who would have predicted in the early goings there would be civic disorder and civic disobedience and lack of command and control and then the military came there and provided that stability for a while until the civic authorities took over and eventually got things movi
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Dec 29, 2012 11:00pm PST
terrible in that katrina coverage was all about the 'president of united states handling. this one was not. it was not about president obama's handling. as we have seen on this show and other shows, it hasn't gone well. there are a lot of people still without help from the government. that criticism was not directed at president obama at all. >> jon: katrina killed a lot more people than sandy but what do you think about fema and their handling of it. >> if there is no question, if you are homes after sandy, many more people were killed in katrina, but plenty of people in a big city like new york are still homeless. media like bloomberg, they like christy, they don't have any person to blame. they blame bush 43. >> come on. i was watching a lot of television during katrina. it's not only the numbers of people killed. it was the complete disaster of fema. doing one heck of a job when people were in a stadium where they didn't have a food and water. this performance was much better much improved. the president himself handled it better. he came up to new york. >> let's be real about
FOX News
Dec 3, 2012 1:00pm PST
storm sandy but will the residents see it in the "wall street journal" reporter says if katrina is an example, don't count on it. of $142 billion in federal aid headed for that, only $40 billion made it directly to victims from fema. that is incredible. not right. >>guest: it is not right. when i saw that, cuomo is coming to washington, and you showed the capitol you should have dollar bills coming out of the window because when the governors come to washington they want money with their palms up. that is what governor cuomo wants. he wants the federal government to write a big check to the state. we found with katrina, of the $140 billion, according to independent government auditors, there was rampant corruption and fraud and no bid contracts that went to cronies and we estimate that somewhere between 20 percent to 25 percent to 30 percent of the money was wasted on fraudulent contracts. it didn't helps victims. a lot of people got rich but it wasn't the people who lost their homes. >>neil: you can see money for a variety of purposes, the money coming in, helping the victims, hel
Dec 19, 2012 10:00am PST
and in new orleans with katrina and lost many of the people, hasn't recovered the building stock. it's not a good situation. i think we can agree and in san we want to rebuild well and quickly after a major disaster so we have defined what that means for our life lines. how do we need the gasolines to perform and water perform after an earthquake and the building stock as well, so we have the goal of 95% of our homes to be ready for shelter in place after a major earthquake, and that way people can stay within the city. we don't lose our work force. we don't lose the people that make san francisco so special. we keep everybody here and that allow us to recover our economy, and everything because it's so interdependent. >> so that is a difficult goal but i think we can achieve it over the long time so thank you very much for hosting us and hosting this great exhibit, and .hank you very much for joining >> (roll call). we have a quorum and the next item on the agenda is president's announcements. >> thank you, madam secretary. obviously welcome everyone here today, the last meeting
Dec 7, 2012 4:30am EST
katrina. and the school should return more than $5 million. they received duplicate grant funding and missing documentation for fees. more than 41 million was given to rebuild after katrina hit the area. the university's executive director agrees that some of the money should be returned. >>> a police officer helped deliver a baby at a wal-mart. matt phelps was working as a security guard. he set up a makeshift delivery room with the help of a firefighter. and a bell ringer held it over for privacy for the mom. moments later a 6-pound baby girl was born, mother and baby are fine. >>> and just in time for the holidays about 4000 santas showed up in a town. and they are dressed with the red hats and they gathered for the convention. they are dancing to the holiday tune. they included the matching band. >> who else would you bring. >> of course you would. >>> news time is 4:43. a lot to talk about. and lynette is up here. so much happening they are lighting the men nora and the game -- the menorah. >> the ravens or the redskins? [ laughter ] >> look at the colors. >> purple, yeah. >>
Dec 28, 2012 7:00pm EST
, ¿o sí? (theo) de ser así sería cinco. ¿y cuál es el nombre de la dama? se llama katrina. ¡uyyy!, bien, katrina y theo... cierra la boca. jajaja, ¿qué?, suena bien. no hemos tenido ni una cita. closed caption realizado por dicapta ¿por qué no quieres decirme, temes que me aparezca? seremos yo, tu padre, chris, dina, estaremos en la mesa de al lado y diremos: "oh, hola, theo". no me sorprendería.
Dec 5, 2012 2:30am PST
the site of a client. that city was new orleans. this was a few weeks after hurricane katrina, which we all know will be probably the greatest civil engineering set of blunders that our country has made in our country's history. and what we all learn from hurricane katrina is what happens when we don't have a community that is prepared and a set of relationships that is ready to be hit by the big one. which leads me to the third reason why i wake up at night. the neighborhoods that i represent in the northeast not only represent the oldest neighborhoods in our city, but some of the most vulnerable. we have some of the poorest residents. half of my district are recent immigrants who are mono lingual. i have hundreds of constituents who live in buildings that contain them where they live three, four, five people in a room that might be no larger than 10 by 15 feet, in buildings that are absolutely prone to earthquake, fire, and the next major disaster. and, so, i was asked to just mention if i had three things that i want you to tell us as your civilian leaders. the first has to
Dec 10, 2012 2:00am PST
to help out with katrina thing in september. it's weird. because you are dealing with people that lost everything and it's kind of hard to imagine that if you haven't done it yourself. basically, you know, she's looking at her curtains here, she probably hand-stitched those things. maybe they have been hanging there the last 5 or 6 years. everything in the house is wrecked, photos, keepsakes, it's a tough thing. and people deal with this kind of stress in different ways. we as disaster workers, we see it all the time. but we have a word we use, professional. we try to be professional around people that have suffered a loss like this because they don't want us to come -- you don't want to go into somebody's house and be joking and having a good time. it's unprofessional. when you are dealing with somebody who has a loss like this, just think of the word professional. that's what we try to do. this sort of body language here, she's trying to comfort here, do you think she's buying it? not with that body language. she's not really buying it. some people won't. some people will never
Dec 12, 2012 3:00am PST
and the coast guard and even katrina and the gulf war spill most recently. closer to home the golden gate bridge connects not only our park lands but our communities. since 9/11 it really has connected our law enforcement public safety officials even more seriously and with greater intent as we protect the bridge from any threat. americas cup, the races here have fostered even greater coordination and partnership with the department of emergency management in the city, city fire department, city police department and the coast guard. and we look forward to working with san francisco and our local governments and the military to make our emergency planning even more effective. so, thank you again for your time and we'll see you out in the park. (applause) >> thank you. i learned a lot on that talk i didn't know. that was great. it's now my pleasure to introduce our speaker, keynote speaker for this morning. but before i do that, i want to recognize his wife. it is an honor for many women who are married to significant dignitaries in our country where they become the sponsors for vario
Dec 5, 2012 7:00pm EST
hurricane katrina six years ago remember it well. >> i know what the people up here are going through, they're like how am i going to get this? >> reporter: they also remembered that the new york fire department was on the door steps helping just days after the levees broke. this captain's house flooded up to the roof. >> that was the biggest thing. >> reporter: now the firefighters from new orleans want to repay the favor. >> any country, any state. it is a connection between the fire department. and new york is like our brother city. >> reporter: places like belle harbor, long island, need the help. the first floor of this house is destroyed. he also lost a house in new orleans during katrina. are you like a storm magnet? what is going on here? >> a good friend in new orleans sent me a text message saying i have very strong hurrikarmr. >> reporter: firefighters helped in katrina, as well. >> the buildings are on fire, everybody runs out, they run in, here in a smaller scale they ran in to help me. >> reporter: like many here, he comes from a family of firefighters. his brother, greg
Dec 9, 2012 10:30am EST
a mortgage payments. this will eliminate the problem that occurred after the hurricane katrina and rita when some insurance company used it for other damages. we have been working to provide dam it assistance. after its flooded basements in multifamily properties owned by the housing authority, hud work to provide replacement broilers -- boilers and generators. we're making sure it they have the funds to make infrastructure repair by providing waivers so existing home funds can be used for disaster relief. the success of the effort grew in part out of what we lend and created in response to hurricanes katrina and read up. president obama charge, and security to work on how as a nation we addressed disaster related recovery. we created a long-term group composed of more than 20 federal agency and consulted closely with state and local governments. out of this published a draft of the framework which after public comment was published in its final version of the 2011. by allowing me to lead the effort, the president not only is applying the national disaster recovery are recognizes t
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm EST
bank for the needs, but in katrina, for example, there were nine different supplemental appropriations bills over time. the next wave of appropriations requests can come to us, we will go to work on them in a few weeks. we could have the work done in the committee, for example, that senator feinstein and i work on within a few weeks after that, and the majority leader will bring the bills to the floor this year if not last year, we can vote on them and have the second round of funding. so i thank senator coats from indiana for his hard work on this. i fully support it. i want the people of new jersey and new york to know we want to help them, we are helping them and will continue to be interested in the things that need to be done. it won't make them whole but it will help them get on their feet just as we have in tennessee and just as we have in other states across the country after large disasters. the presiding officer: the senator from indiana. mr. coats: may i inquire as to how much time is still available for the call -- before the call of the vote on the fisa legislation? the pr
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
almost an eyewitness -- as an eyewitness of what happened in the aftermath of hurricanes katrina and what is possible in this recovery for hurricane sandy. it's been over seven weeks since hurricane sandy claimed the lives of more than 130 americans, destroying -- and i want to correct the record -- 340,000 homes and 200,000 businesses. just to put that in comparison, in hurricane katrina which primarily hit south louisiana and mississippi, we lost 275,000 homes. this is 340,000 homes that have been destroyed. more than hurricanes katrina and rita. and 200,000 businesses, substantial many more businesses than hurricanes katrina and rita -rblgs where we lost about 18,000 businesses. part of it is this area is more densely populated. the storm was broader in its width if not more intense in some areas. it was broader geographically and the area is so densely populated. i think it is hard for people from less densely populated areas of the country to understand how much destruction can be leveled in a certain area. 200,000 businesses. and leaving more than 8.5 million families without power,
Dec 5, 2012 1:00pm EST
hurricane katrina and rita. other examples of catastrophic destruction. in responding to this disaster and disasters such as hurricane sandy, congress should focus on helping those in need and rebuilding communities as quickly as possible. it's absolutely critical that the administration come forward with the detailed request. i understand that just within the last 15 minutes there have been some reports of that request, its size and its contours. we will discuss that in just a moment. i know that many of my colleagues who are present here today agree with the urgent need to advance a supplemental. i look forward to hearing your suggestions regarding the specifics of the programs and authorities that can be utilized to best meet the needs of your constituents. i've sent two letters to the president in the last week related to mitigation recovery efforts associated with hurricane sandy. and other disasters ongoing in this nation. and there are quite a few that are still open. a copy of each letter will be included in the official record of this hearing. the first included, a list of rec
Dec 18, 2012 12:00pm EST
>>> katrina van den hoogle is editor of "the nation" former director and msnbc political analyst karen finney is here and buzz feed's ben smith. today residents of newtown, connecticut, will bury two victims of friday's shooting massacre while wakes are held for three others. in washington, meanwhile, there are growing signs that the country is getting serious about gun control. during a meeting with top cabinet officials yesterday, president obama directed them to take a hard look at proposals to combat gun violence, and over on capitol hill senate majority leader harry reid joined with two other pro-gun rights democrats to suggest that new gun laws should be on the table. >> we need to accept the reality that we're not doing enough to protect our citizens. in the coming days and weeks we'll engage in a meaningful conversation and thoughtful debate on how to change laws and culture and allow this violence to continue to grow. >> an nra rating of an a, but, you know, enough is enough. my -- i've got -- i'm father of three daughters, and this weekend they all said, dad, you know,
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
from 74-- from katrina. now they're averaging 10 days compared at 66. however reducing we need to do more to get money retired from when they were destroyed i saw literally thousands in just a few hours i was on the ground we were in new jersey, long view beach, small community the mayor there said they have never seen anything like this and block after block after block restaurant, a barbershop, gas station, a toy store, hairdresser come on and on completely gutted with debris. we have seen these visuals before and it is heartbreaking. right now during holiday season committees family and businesses have invested their entire life and is seasonal the not a coastal area have to make the decision if they will reopen for memorial day. and also the taxpayer is our goal. and will not go into the examples from those businesses but i want to hear from the leaders of the small business administration but the president said doubt the 6. $4 billion supplemental request. i am sorry. last week. now the document is public. the sooner repass the 6.$4 billion supplemental providing essentials help
FOX Business
Dec 25, 2012 11:00am EST
? >> hurricane katrina on track to make a direct hit to new orleans. >> because of a hurricane. >> this entire area will be under water. mother nature is in charge and now has still one horrific below. john: flooding new orleans didn't destroy name only much of the city but the school system. some thought maybe that is what needed to happens in it probably one of the worst school districts in the country. >> before katrina they were just a link. >> du rebuild what was there or something entirely new? john: of louisiana build something new. they made it easy for people to open charter's be made here's my plan. john: it starting a charter school with the academy he was the only employee. he drove his car around advertising the school. >> this is my cellphone. >> he had to advertise because students had to choose to go there. they didn't just get sent here he says they live nearby. >> even went to people's houses to recruit. >> living in new orleans we never had that. >> per cent goes there. >> he talked to me and he was explaining to him about the hours and the academics. >> only
Dec 9, 2012 3:45pm EST
is to katrina. there's emergency aid and basically people get up and back on their feet. but unfortunately the government conceded the financial crisis as an excuse to expand itself and expand control of the economy. >> at what point would you say that government should have out as the emergency aid and click >> they did allow banks that wanted to pay the money. obviously they're making it difficult. they make and keep it it up for saddam those who didn't want bailouts in the first place. so basically, some people really have argued that the fact that the bailouts were necessary. but basically they went too far and certainly afterwards they use the financial crisis as an excuse to overregulate with dodd-frank, et cetera. >> welcome we are interviewing u.s. freedom fries. do you find a lot of opposition to some of the ideas in the book? >> now, people are very much -- that's at this event is about. it's about three people and free markets and people understand what's in this book. the whole idea that you the needs of people by free enterprise. what is free enterprise? if peopl
Dec 8, 2012 4:00am PST
have advanced since 9/11 and hurricane katrina, but there has been a real gap in detailed preplanning for emergency response, particularly as it works its way down the chain into the tactical forces that would respond, most specifically i think those on active duty. this is an area that we don't tend to pay a lot of attention to and very often when it comes we tray to look the other way. i believe that we have been reasonably responsive in immediate response, immediate response by doctrine and policy are military dod authorities moving out their gates into their neighborhoods when a disaster hits right next door. i mean, that seems to make sense. we have good relationships at our bases and stations and the ability to roll out and assist is something you would expect to work out pretty well. some of that has matured, in fact. in the state of california we have established a number of agreements, most particularly the wildfires where both third fleet and the expeditionary force assign helicopters in the need we are requested, it's pre-planned, our pilots are trained, we have
FOX Business
Dec 14, 2012 9:00pm EST
was working in the senate to during katrina. it is a wasteful process. we gave the localities a blank check. that is proposed here. but so much of the $60 billion is not spending on individual family is but on another government program. there is literally billions for vehicle replacement for government officials. the agency should do the assessment of their fleet and said it just ask for money. >> we just cut about -- talk about cutting defense then we have 40 million appropriated to the military defense. it makes no sense but they don't get to blow the money. >> i agree. tucci and all rahm emanuel they is a crisis that was a payback to their constituency. there using but cover of a hurricane relief for various parts of government. by contrast of katrina the money was everywhere not just the gulf of mexico. this request is so full we will never help individual families that impacted it is incredible they use the crisis as an excuse to expand government. neil: it is typical. thank you for being here. [laughter] is a fact gain confidence ever wear small business confidence plunging tha
Dec 2, 2012 6:00pm PST
tonight's "cbs evening news", they were in need following katrina. now they're the ones helping after sandy. >> jeff: a contributioned to superstorm sandy rebuilding effort is coming in the form of cash. as elaine quijano tells us tonight an invaluable contribution 6 time and skills is being made by out of town firefighters eager to repay a debt of gratitude. >> they had never met before. but ken rueter and david nick connected like old friends. >> i'm from new orleans, we hug people. >> a lot of happy memories here. >> oh, absolutely. >> reporter: for 16 years rueter has worked as a dispatcher for new york city's fire department. >> how high did the water come. >> the water was up to about here. >> reporter: sandy's storm surge devastated the home his family has owned since 1987. david nick is a new orleans fire department captain. one of 36 firefighters from his city volunteering in new york. helping fire department personnel here rebuild their homes. >> seven years ago we had a pretty big storm in new orleans. and the city of new york sent 600 guys down to help us out. and they mad
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 378 (some duplicates have been removed)